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Nama : Yusuf Eka Ryandi
Kelas : 3EB17
NPM : 24209206

Section 2: Structure
This section is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate
for standard written English.
1. The Eiffel Tower ___________ Paris, France.
a. landmarks
b. is landmarked in
c. is a landmark in
d. is in a landmark
Jawaban C : Karena Eiffel tower (tunggal) memerlukan to be “is” dan “in” untuk menunjukan tempat.

2. Young deer _________.
a. are called fawns
b. be fawns
c. is fawns
d. are fawns called
Jawaban A : Karena Young deer plural dan susunannya are called fawns, bukan are fawns called

3. Not until a dog is several months old does it begin to exhibit signs of
independence ___________.
a. its mother from
b. from mother
c. to mother
d. from its mother
Jawaban D : Karena “Dari Ibunya “ dalam bahasa Inggris artinya From it’s mother

4. ____________ a tree can be grown from a seedling.
a. That is generally believed
b. Believed generally is
c. Generally believed it is
d. It is generally believed that
Jawaban D : Karena subjek selalu di depan yaitu “It”

5. a.Him should careful with that vase because is very old d.and extremely
Jawaban A : Karena Him should seharusnya diganti dengan “He should”

6. The repair shop a.keep my cassette player for six weeks before b.returning it,
c.nevertheless, still does not work properly.
Jawaban A : Karena The repair shop membutuhkan to be setelahnya yaitu ditambahkan “is”

7. To score a goal in soccer you ________.
a. must kick the ball
b. must kicks the ball
c. may kick them ball
d. must kick them balls
Jawaban A : Karena subjek You tidak menggunakan “s” dalam kata kerjanya

8. The observation deck at the Sears Tower _________ in Chicago.
a. is highest than any other one
b. is highest than any other one
c. is higher than any other one
d. is higher that any other one
Jawaban C : Karena itu comparation dengan yg lain, mengapa tidak highest ? karena Highest selalu disertai dengan “The” sedangkan dalam soal ini tidak.

9. If it _________ so cloudy, we would plan on having the fair outside.
a. was
b. was not
c. weren’t
d. had not
Jawaban B : Karena it pasangan to be nya was, dan cocok dengan kalimat If it was not so cloudy = Jika cuacanya tidak mendung

10. At the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, Geraldine Ferraro
became the first woman _________ for the vice presidency.
a. to being nominated
b. to has been nominated
c. to have been nominated
d. to will be nominated
Jawaban C : karena ini lampau jadi tidak menggunakan will atau being.Serta The first woman menggunakan have bukan has.

11. Pearl Buck, a.a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize b.for Literature in 1938 c.strove
to bring understanding and peace d.on everyone.
Jawaban D : seharusnya bukan “on everyone” tetapi “to everyone”

12. George Washington _________first U.S. President.
a. was the
b. became
c. were the
d. are the
Jawaban A : Karena kalimat ini memakai past tense. Dan Goerge Washington adalah He (menggunakan was) Jadi kalimatnya ‘George Washington was the first U.S President”

13. _______ chocolate will give you a tummy ache.
a. Eat too much
b. Eating to much
c. Eating too much
d. Eating too many
Jawaban C : Karena chocolate termasuk uncountable noun dan menggunakan “too” yg berarti
Terlalu bukan “to” = untuk

14. If she ____________ to advance her clock one hour, she wouldn’t have been late for work.
a. should have remembered
b. could remembered
c. remembered
d. would have remembered
Jawaban D : Karena ini termasuk perfect tense yg memakai to be + v3

15. It a.was obvious from his response in the press conference b.that the candidate
c.prepare his answers d.well.
Jawaban C : Karena seharusnya prepared , kalimat tersebut past jadi v1 diganti v2

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